The QualityPark Group was established in 1999 a high technology provider for innovative engineering and process solutions widely experienced in aviation, automotive, rail and finance market. QualityPark is home of highly educated and qualified engineers, developers and consultants supporting together business and engineering processes through technologies, services and product solutions dedicated to higher safety and quality. QualityPark was founded in 1999 independently with active support of the DaimlerChrysler Research. The motivation establishing QualityPark was to bring advanced technologies from research into customer solutions giving today’s benefits in time and costs.

In 2000, the AviationCenter has been set-up as business unit and in 2003 as independent company.



Year Company Key Customer & Partner
1999 Foundation of QualityPark GmbH (Berlin)  
2000 Aviation Center as business unit Automotive Research Projects for the DaimlerChrysler Group (Germany)
Airbus Projects in Research & Technology (Germany)
Partnership with Integrated Chipware (GB)

V&V projects with Airbus
Setup of Test-Lab for Bosch, DaimlerChrysler (Germany, France)


Projects with Airbus, Bosch, Siemens, DaimlerChrysler
(Germany, France)

2003 Foundation of QualityPark AviationCenter GmbH (Hamburg) 

Setup of Systems Layout Competence
Configuration Management & System Layout Integration projects for Airbus

2004 QPAC office at Airbus Technology Park (ATP)

Partnership agreement with Verity Inc. (GB)
Projects with Airbus, Bosch, UBS, BAE in Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, China & Honkong
Microsoft Partner Agreement
Setup of Digital Engineering Business Unit
Partnership with SKI/Assystem for Airbus Engineering Services
Partnership with Serena as Systems Integrator
Airbus-wide roll-out of QPAC solution 3DQM

ILA 04


Airbus A380 projects (Galley & electrical integration, TRS support)
Partnership with CeBeNetwork
Projects with Bosch, UBS, Continental, BAE (Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, USA, China and Hungaria)
Serena RTM workshop roll-out in Zurich and Honkong


Member of BBAA/BDLI, Aerospace Network (Germany) & Network Initiative Engine Technology
A380 electrical integration, TRS support & study projects
Extension of Partnership with Serena to Strategic Development Partner

ILA 06 (Germany) 


Partnership with LATelec
Successful participation in furnishing of first A380 commercial aircraft
Several A350 projects (Flex concept, TRS support, Configuration Management)

Fidelity in Motion symposium at TU Delft

CEAS 2007

2008 QPAC office Airport Center Berlin Schönefeld

Participation in A350 XWB SAM A project
China International Aircraft Interiors Expo Beiijng 2008
QPAC in Shanghai & Dubai

ILA 08


3 years contract with Airbus Safety Department
A330-200F design & safety projects

2010 QPAC office Harburg Channel 5-7 

Development of System Safety Program Plan for the EADS Talarion UAV
Frame Agreement with Airbus KID
AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference

ILA 10 


Welcome China Part3: AVIC Delegation visiting QPAC in Berlin
Aerospace & Defense Meetings Torino

2012  QPAC office Wildau

Cooperation with Hamburg Schools and NaT

ILA 12 



QPAC office Stade

QPAC US opens office in Miami

PNAA Annual Aerospace Conference 2013

QPAC becomes member of the ZAL Association for the Promotion of Applied Aviation Research.

QPAC signs cooperation agreement with TU Dresden

QPAC joins Norlin

EASN conference Milano


ILA 14

Fuel Cell presentation at H2 Expo

Air Days 2015


AIX 2015

A350 simulation from Flight Factor uses QPAC Fly By Wire model.