QPAC is proud to sponsor the Chornobyl 360° Project: 


At 01:23 am on April 26, 1986, the Chornobyl nuclear power plant exploded in the very heart of European continent. This became the worst nuclear disaster world has ever seen before. Over the past years more than 7 mln. people were directly affected. The territory of 30 km (about 17 miles) around the power plant was forcedly evacuated and became true wasteland, which is known today as Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. This is not dead or abandoned place however, as most of you would imagine. Besides of thousands of workers on site, who keep the ruins of the power plant safe, there are many residents who have voluntary returned to their homes or built new ones. Moreover, various marauders have been scavenging the local ruins for scrap. Wild animals are densely populating local forests causing even more troubles. The Zone lives its own live and there are hundreds of urban legends it gives birth to.

There are tens of documentaries and fiction movies made about Chornobyl. Most of them are focused on the events of the incident, lost lives or simply exploit various myths. Video games are following the same trail. None of them truly explore the life of today’s Chornobyl and the Zone. Our Project Chornobyl360 on contrary will demonstrate the true face of the Zone: starting with local employees who are making it safer and ending up with those inhabitants who are calling it "home". Our team does it with help of 360-degree virtual reality shooting technology allowing you with an unprecedented interactivity and decision making on what to see and where to explore next.