Data Management

Optimization of standard processes in business realities is one of the most critical points in aviation management. QPAC is objective adviser focusing on business driven issues that result in commercial and technological impacts, such as reduction of time, costs and improving productivity. Along with our engineering involvement in system development such as cabin interior, cabin electrics, electrical installation, final assembly line engineering support, and change management, QPAC supports the optimization of related processes.

  • Improvement and process deployment in projects
  • Process introduction and training
  • Project Management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Tool Development

Project goal is to realize the seamless integration into the existing engineering & IT framework including the support of all V&V activities and requires interfaces to

  • Document Generation
  • Configuration Management
  • Test Management
  • Document Management

Process Optimization

  • Process consulting (ARP, FAR, JAR, ISO, APQP, etc.)
  • Process introduction and training (APQP)
  • Project management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Training in policies & strategies
  • System development and V&V guidelines
  • Documentation management: EDMS/SYSDOC
  • Monitoring cabin maturity during development process: KPI and Maturity database development
  • Transfer of engineering knowledge from the aviation into the automotive industry: CARMA

Tool Development

  • 3DQM Equipment model management tool: Equipment / CAD model management
  • FESRA database for Safety & Reliability requirements: Compiles risk & development analysis for every A/C device
  • Long Range Maturity Database: Combine design, test, installation and in-service maturity relevant data
  • Airbus A380 Electrics: Coordination of engineering data and workflows in distributed environments
  • A330 Freighter Electric Engineering and Manufacturing planning tool
  • Airbus KID Buddy